Wide format print workflow and RIP software

Xpres offer the full ONYX product line including; ONYX RipCentre, ONYX ProductionHouse, ONYX Postershop and ONYX Thrive. Upgrade today!

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Why ONYX? Simple, Innovative, Proven.

Onyx Graphics is focused on delivering superior and predictable color output by automating and simplifying your large/wide format printing workflow.

Media Profiles

More than anyone else

With more than 30,000 media profiles, ONYX offers the largest collection of media profiles in the entire industry. Download them from www.onyxgfx.com

Workflow & Automation

Lower your overhead and your costs

With ONYX RIP your workflow can be automated to meet your unique production needs. Automation with ONYX Quicksets and Hot Folders enables fewer end-user decisions which reduce potential production errors and waste. Thrive Production Manager provides you with a view on your printing operations and ONYX Connect allows access to this printed job information with a simple, open interface with your business/production software.

ONYX Advantage

Stay current

ONYX Advantage is a software maintenance product designed to give RIPCentre, PosterShop, ProductionHouse and Thrive users an easy way to keep their software up-to-date. Contact Xpres for more information regarding this service.

Provides the necessary control and simplicity to begin large-format production with consistent high quality output at affordable prices.

Wide-format RIP software for a unified print production process on multiple devices. Offers tools to maintain consistent output quality.

Wide format production RIP software that delivers high levels of automation, enhanced for superior output color and quality.

Predictability. Performance. Scalability.

ONYX Thrive workflow software includes access to the Thrive Production Manager; a browser-based user interface that enables workflow control from anywhere. Users can submit, control and monitor jobs from any Macintosh®, Windows® PC, tablet or mobile device, optimizing both operator and output device productivity since users will no longer need to move among several independent RIP workstations.

Thrive runs on flexible network licensing technology and offers the unique ability to add RIP power independent of adding devices, ensuring printers and cutters are fed at maximum capacity. Distributable workflow modules streamline production and reduce turnaround time.