Xpres Transfer Papers

Xpres have a comprehensive range of premium quality transfer paper products for use with sublimation printers, inkjet printers and laser printers.

How does it work?

No Weed uses two different papers to produce a transfer known as the A & B papers.

A Paper
Imaging paper

This is the paper on which your design is printed. The A Paper retains all the toner within the print ensuring no unwanted smudges or marks are transferred and no residue is left in the printer.

B Paper
Opaque paper

These papers increase the opacity required for printing vibrant colours onto dark garments. The white opaque coating of the B Paper transfers to the A Paper only on areas where there is toner, allowing extremely fine detail to be produced. There are two types of B Paper that can be used in this process, determined by the type of laser printer you are using.

B Paper

Suitable for full tones, shading, light colours and photographs.There will always be enough toner on the A Paper regardless of design as the OKI printer automatically prints cyan, magenta and yellow first then prints a layer of white toner on top.

A Paper Lite
CMYK paper

Suitable for full tones (minimum 80% toner coverage). Full tones ensure there is enough toner on the A Paper, light shaded areas with less than 80% opacity will not have enough toner to pull the coating off the B Paper.

The process...

  • Print your design onto the A Paper (mirrored)
  • Place the B Paper on top of the A Paper and press together in the heat press
  • Gently separate the papers whilst hot (diagonal peel)
  • Place your design onto your garment and heat press
  • Hot Stamping Foils can be applied on top of any No Weed design to create a metallic finish to transfers

Please note: Toner from different suppliers may have different characteristics and you may need to experiment for perfect transfer results.

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