Single Colour Transfer Films

Single Colour Transfer Films

Our single colour systems are the traditional first step to offering a garment personalisation service. Using a cutter to manufacture t-shirts is simple and reasonably low cost.

It’s an effective solution for producing low volume runs of single and multicolour transfers. The process is a few easy steps from cutting the artwork to heat pressing it on to the garment.

Start a business single colour

The perfect package for transfer films!

The single colour package will enable you to produce garments of top quality in a cost effective way.

Starting a business has never been easier!


Single Colour Package
Start a business benefits

Step 1

Import or design an image using design software and size the artwork to fit the garment.

Step 1

Step 2

Select a garment film from our wide range of films and load into the cutter.

Step 2

Step 3

Weed your design to remove any excess material.

Step 3

Step 4

Using a heat press, apply the cut transfer to the product.

Step 2

Hey Presto!

The process is complete.

Let's talk profit…

With the personalisation process complete how much profit can you expect to make...

Football Shirt

Football Shirt

Typical selling price


Cost of vinyl


Typical cost of football shirt


PROFIT £12.80



Typical selling price


Cost of two colour transfer


Typical cost of t-shirt


PROFIT £11.20


Key Ring

Typical selling price


Cost of vinyl


Typical cost of hoodie


PROFIT £19.90

All figures are for illustrative purposes only and taken from various market sources.