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Diferro have 42 years of experience building calendar machines that are made to last. They believe that their production of a calendar machine is a piece of art and always build with the customer in mind.

Diferro manufacture a range of calendar presses, roll-to-roll and piece-to-roll.

We are the UK's first distributor since 2016. View the full range here.

Diferro revealed itself first in 1985 under the name “SECKIN UTU” which provided its customers with transfer presses, steam boilers and flat irons.

Later on in 2009 It went through a transformation and branded Diferro as known worldwide, in order to bring innovation and efficiency to textile production stage with professional and user-friendly machines.

Wood / Fiberboard (MDF)

A natural take on unimaginable depth.

Having built a reputation based on trust, high quality and on-time delivery Diferro proudly display its models both in international exhibitions world-wide and domestic exhibitions.

While our CE & ISO 9001 certified products ensure high quality as well as environmental safety, Diferro exports to dozens of countries with a wide range of transfer printing machines.

Thanks to the innovative approach and successful R&D work, DIFERRO takes pride in offering our clients solutions with low energy consuming machine models. DIFERRO CALENDERS aim at producing efficient, user-friendly, high-quality machines that will provide service to your business for many years to come with mere interruption.

Taking strength from our quality pre-sale & after-sale services, DIFERRO cares deeply for customer satisfaction.