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DTF & DTG | 2 For the Price of 1

DTF & DTG | 2 For the Price of 1

Secure your bundle for both DTG and DTF printing processes for the cost of a single DTG printer now!

Epson's SureColour SC-F2100 is the complete package for designing and printing seamlessly between direct-to-garment and direct-to-film whether it's t-shirts, polo shirts, tote bags or other fabric items. As there is only one ink type needed for both technologies, there is no need to flush inks through when switching between the two methods of garment decoration*.

The DTF Cure Box, Tray and Shaker kit is vital as part of the DTF printing process. The cure box is designed for PET transfer curing. It allows you to melt DTF powder evenly without using a heat press. The DTF tray and shaker allows for hotmelt powder to be sprinkled evenly over the ink and any overspill is gathered in the tray. The tray has a spout for easy pouring back into the hotmelt powder shaker.

This bundle also features a full set of inks, white DTF hot melt powder and DTF transfer film.

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*Dark garments require pre treatment for DTG