Epson SC-F2100 & Sefa Clam Pro Auto Open Bundle

A bundle comprising of the Epson SC-F2100 DTG printer and Sefa Clam Pro Auto

Epson SC-F2100 DTG Printer
With its fast, high-quality printing, intuitive software and low maintenance, Epson's SC-F2100 is the complete package for designing and printing direct-to-garment whether it's t-shirts, polo shirts, tote bags or other fabric items.

DTG Printer Technical Specifications: 

The SEFA Clam Pro is a well built, robust heat press with perfect pressure and heat distribution across the plate. The draw plate press is ideal for medium production. 

Key features:

- Reversible C-shaped part and quick release.
- Draw plate
- Manufactured in france. 
- 40x50cm plate to enable maximum garment coverage.
- Automatic Opening
- Quick Release
- Robust frame


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 The electronics on the Sefa Clam Pro are developed by Sefa and have an accurate and fast regulation (PID control) for a wide range of heat transfer products. The press is suitable for laser transfer applications, sublimation on textile and rigid materials and other printing methods.

The press has advanced electronics with a double timer (main and pre heat), 2 cycle counters, 3 settable programs and a stop cycle function.

180º reversible C-shaped lower part and quick release system. To thread T-shirts either from the front or the back of the plate.

Technical Specifications

Weight: 57 Kg
Pressure: 469 gr/cm2
Max Temperature: 220°C
Power Supply: 230V single phase + Gr
Electric Power: 2500 W
Amperage: 11 A
Dimensions: 567x791x453