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    Essential Staycation Opportunities

    Essential Staycation Opportunities

    With restrictions still in place for those looking to travel to many popular abroad destinations, the popularity of the “staycation” is on the rise, as Brits are allowed to holiday within the UK. How can businesses take advantage of this latest trend?

    Staycations were already increasing in popularity due to their affordability, hassle-free travel and holiday scenery that can still be found in the UK. Before March 2020, there was an average of 6,600 monthly searches on Google for the term ‘staycation’ in the UK. By April 2020, this stood at 8,100.

    Tik Tok’s ‘staycation’ hashtag has 800 million views. This is interesting in that 60% of their audience are 16-24 year olds; a demographic who normally associate holidays with going abroad.

    With the lasting impact of both Covid 19 and Brexit, staycations look set to be the trend of 2021. As lockdown rules begin to lift, and people plan their holidays, experts say it is likely more of us will be staying close to home rather than travelling.

    For companies that supply staycation essentials, products such as cushions, facemasks and water bottles are amongst the must-haves in the recovering pandemic world we all live in. Xpres stock all of these and much more in our sublimation blanks selection. Why not have a browse today?