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    Get Ready for a Summer of Sports!

    Get Ready for a Summer of Sports!

    Due to delayed games taking place all over the globe this summer in Tokyo, Europe, USA and (dare we say it?) the UK, sports merchandising could sky-rocket over the next few months.

    The UK sports market is forecast to reach £10.6bn in 2022, driven by health and wellness trends. Clothing and footwear take up 56% of the market with merchandise, gifts and equipment making up the other 44%. Licenced merchandise is currently worth £21 billion and expected to grow to £36 billion in five years. There is so much opportunity for a business to take advantage.

    While it makes sense to get the ultimate sports fan a gift that relates to their passion, it's more thoughtful to think outside of the box and give them something that doesn't resemble a T-shirt with a team number on it. With plenty of sophisticated, and even useful, presents floating around on the internet related to sports.

    Growth is being driven worldwide by continuous innovation and development on the part of major producers. Namely, the design and manufacture of the most gorgeous sporting accessories, sports apparel and general memorabilia ever created. You only have to look at the quality of today’s sports posters, football strips and novelty collectibles to see how far things have come.

    Now you’re left with a scenario where the quality and availability of sporting merchandise is growing, as is demand from discerning buyers in hundreds of lucrative markets worldwide. Hence, it’s expected that the enormous growth the industry has seen over the past few years will continue indefinitely.

    Xpres has a wide range of sublimation gifts, perfect to personalise and meet the growing demand in sporting gifts. There has never been a better time to look into this, with a very busy sporting calendar over the next 12 months or so. So, what are you waiting for? Take a look now…


    Sublimation Mugs

    Our sublimation ceramic mugs are manufactured with a dishwasher safe premium coating. Bright white in colour and with a high gloss finish.

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    Superflex Evolution

    Superflex Evolution takes our best selling garment film to a new level, allowing application onto various textile compositions at a lower temperature and time.

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    Unisub Round Hardboard Coasters

    Xpres hardboard coasters are ideal for you to personalise with a photo and text. Our coasters are practical and durable with a glossy photo finish.

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    Drawstring Bags

    These natural coloured, polyester drawstring bags allow you to achieve printing perfection every time and are a useful addition to any gift range.

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