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    🎃 Halloween: A Scarily Good Opportunity? 🎃

    🎃  Halloween: A Scarily Good Opportunity? 🎃

    Whether people don a scary outfit, buy sweets for trick-or-treaters or perhaps even trick-or-treat themselves, there’s no escaping Halloween as October draws ever closer. But where lie the opportunities to make a killing for your business?

    Halloween was originally an ancient Celtic festival; the day that the souls of those who had died that year journeyed to the underworld. Following America’s lead, Halloween has gained massive popularity in the UK in recent years, turning into one of the biggest cultural and commercial events.

    Traditions, such as wearing costumes, trick-or-treating and carving out pumpkins, have led to large amounts of consumer spending. This spending has been increasing annually and totalled nearly £474 million in 2020.

    As you would expect, the most purchased Halloween products in the UK are chocolate and sweets, with 40% of shoppers stocking up for trick-or-treat. Fancy dress purchases are also popular, with sales of clothing reaching an estimated £166 million, the largest amount among the various spending categories. Halloween decoration and entertainment sales were slightly lower, at £99 million and £77 million, respectively. Despite the well-known tradition of carving out pumpkins on Halloween, less than 20% of shoppers bought a pumpkin last year.

    As with any major celebration, the shopping season starts earlier and earlier each year. While most people like to prepare for their Halloween celebration by looking at magazines, some of them look for inspiration elsewhere. 35% of them find inspiration online, 23% browse retail stores with 18% gaining decoration advice from friends or family. This translates to buying habits, with UK consumers shifting heavily to online shopping during the pandemic. Halloween took an online share of spend of over 30% during lockdown.

    It comes as no surprise that 85% of parents with children under 5 spent the most getting into the Halloween spirit last year. However, after parents, the next big spenders are actually young millennials, with 77% of them spending money on costumes, make-up and confectionary for the occasion.

    With the popularity of Halloween growing every year, now is the perfect time to create an array of spooky gifts to delight your customers. Particularly, it could pay dividends to increase your online offering to include creative products that appeal to parents and millennials alike.

    Xpres has a wide range of sublimation gifts, perfect to personalise and meet the growing demand ahead of the scary season. View the full range now… 


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    Ultra Cut Turbo is a polyurethane transfer film equipped with a special hotmelt for quick application at low temperatures.



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    Superflex Evolution allows application onto various textile compositions at a lower temperature and time.



    XP3997 Unisub Aluminium Yard Sign

    UniSub Aluminium EXT Yard Signs are perfect for both commercial and domestic applications, including advertisements, directional signage and garden décor.