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What is DTG?

Direct To Garment (DTG) application is a process of printing straight onto textiles and garments using specialised technology. This printing method sprays ink directly onto the garment, which soaks into the fibres for a professional finish.

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DTG Step-By-Step

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DTG Video

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Why DTG?

  • Wide variety of colour options
  • Perfect for detailed and broad designs
  • Extremely fast process
  • Ideal for both large and short production runs
  • Low setup costs
  • Works on light and dark coloured garments
  • Accurate reproduction with high-quality results
  • Water-based, making it eco-friendly
  • Use of digital software to create timeless designs

Including Business Case

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1. How many colours can I produce using DTG printing?

Many variables will affect how many garments come off the printer per hour. Small, quick prints are quicker to produce so if you want high productivity then keep your designs simple.


2. Do I need to do anything to the garments before printing?

If you are using CMYK then no. However, if you are printing using white ink or printing onto polyester, then you will need to pre-treat the garment first.


3. What do I do with the garment after they have been printed?

Press using a standard heat press for the given time and temperature. Nothing more.


4. How durable are the prints?

Most, if not all, modern garments carry a care label that is designed to help keep your prints looking good over time.


6. What maintenance is required on a DTG printer?

Just like any piece of machinery, it needs some maintenance. How much it needs to produce will utlimately decide how regularly servicing is required. Our technical team are always on hand to offer assistance and advice in these matters.


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DTG Product Guides

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