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Light Garment

Images printed using light transfer paper tend to provide a more vibrant image when used on light coloured fabrics. The ink is translucent and not visible unless you lay it on white or extremely light coloured backgrounds. Take a look at our guide to laser transfer printing on light garments below...
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Dark Garment

When printing on dark fabrics, a dark transfer paper is required. With this, a white background is transferred with the ink and blocks out the colour of your fabric from coming through the ink. Take a look at our guide to laser transfer printing on dark garments below...
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What is Laser Printing?

Laser printers use an electrical charge, attracting toner particles to a transfer roller. These are then pressed onto a piece of paper, while heat and pressure from the fuser unit permanently fix the image onto the page. This method differs slightly for light and dark garments.

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Why Laser Printing?

  • Longer print runs than other methods
  • Fewer interruptions in printing process than other methods
  • Ideal for volume printing
  • Produces sharper text when used in designs
  • Laser toner cartridges print more sheets relative to their cost than inkjet cartridges and are less wasteful

Including Business Case

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Laser Printing FAQs


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How to Order

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Laser Printing Product Guides

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