Machine Relocation

Machine Relocation

We can provide specialist engineers to carry out your system relocation throughout the UK. This includes decommissioning, relocating and recommissioning once at the new premises. We ensure that your system will be transported with the greatest care, ensuring the system arrives in good working order.

We can move various manufacturers systems, including, wide format print and cut systems, plotters, sublimation systems, large format heat presses, laminators and calendar presses.

To arrange for a site inspection or to enquire please contact us via the enquire button.

How it works?

Step 1

Enquire through the basic form below

Step 2

Xpres research the requirements for the move

(Further information such as a video showing the path the system will take out/in to the building may be requested)

Step 3

Receive your unique quote and relevant information for proposed machine relocation