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    Making the Most of Wide Format Sublimation Textiles

    Making the Most of Wide Format Sublimation Textiles

    As the digital printing market is forever changing and adapting, businesses must ensure they adapt with it. Digital print technologies utilise more durable inks and offer higher reliability than ever. The same can be said of the availability of textiles that have a longer print life, as well as overall cost savings and efficiency. What does this mean for you?

    Digitally printed textiles account for just 6% of the worlds printed textile output but increasing adoption of POD (print on demand) and demand for personalised goods provides a great opportunity for growth.

    As you only produce what you need, POD is less wasteful than traditional methods. Digital printing can also reduce the supply chain by ‘re-shoring’ production in the UK, saving time, money and increasing quality.

    Sublimation is a particularly efficient method as it doesn’t require additional washing processes after printing and it is easily adopted as it only requires a printer and fixation (via calendar or heat press). It can be used to produce sportswear, fashion, home décor and soft signage amongst other applications. This extremely versatile method means one business could sell into all four sectors.

    Sublimation textiles do not require any pre-treatment or coating. In theory, any white or light coloured, polyester rich textile can be printed. Inks sit into the textile, not on the surface like other print methods, giving increased durability and resistance.

    Growing at a CAGR of 10.7% for the forecasted period of 2020-2025, sublimation printing is set to be worth $14.2bn by 2025.

    Textile printing can be a huge opportunity, whether offering a print-on-demand service of custom printed fabric or producing finished goods like clothes and homeware. Adding a textile printing solution could open up additional services and products to existing customers, but also grow business in more diverse and growing sectors.

    Xpres supply textiles to suit sportswear, fashion, home décor & soft signage markets. The range covers applications from cushions and curtains to flags and inflatables. Take a look today.


    Deluxe Knit

    A 250gsm faux suede, 100% polyester textile. Applications include cushions, curtains and upholstery.

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    A waterproof, 275gsm, coated 100% polyester, woven textile. Applications include awnings and outdoor furniture.

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    Polar Fleece

    A 290gsm brushed face 100% polyester textile. Applications include blankets and throws.

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    A lightweight, waterproof, woven fabric with a bight white peached print face. Applications include waterproofs and swimwear.

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