Pre-Installation Checklist

The below checklist has been designed to identify any potential issues in advance of installing your new equipment. Complete this form as accurately as possible to facilitate efficient installation.

Please note: Installations will not take place unless the below checklist has been completed at least 3 days prior to your proposed installation date.

1. Your Details


2. Installation Address

3. Property Access Information

Xpres assumes that you as the customer, will assist the engineer to place the equipment onto a stand, table, bench or work surface. An additional charge may apply if more than one engineer is required to attend the installation.

3a. Location of Install
Ground Floor First Floor      Other

Installation and training is subject to ground floor installation. If equipment is to be installed anywhere except the ground floor, the customer takes responsibility for moving boxed equipment to the room where it is to be installed.

3b. Please stipulate the immediate access for the unit

Single Door Double Door Roller Door Other

Reminder: Have you checked footprint/dimensions of the machine to ensure you have enough space for position? It may be required to remove equipment packaging before install/delivery due to access.

3c. Is there on-site parking for larger vehicles such as transit and Luton vans?

Yes No Other

3d. Is there space for delivery via Xpres or others?

Yes No Other

3e. Are there any obstacles or access restrictions that may cause concern during a delivery or installation?

Yes No Other

3f. Is there availability of lifting assistance, such as a forklift or pallet truck?

Yes No

Please note: Larger equipment requires a minimum of 4 people and/or lifting equipment.

4. Computer Details

Select Operating System:  
Other (please specify):

5. Software Used:

CorelDraw Version:
Illustrator Version:
Other (Software and Version)

6. Is a broadband internet connection available on the installation PC?

  Yes   No  

7. Please give specification details of the computer that will be used for installation:

Processor Speed




8. Recommended PC specification

Click here to read the recommended computer specification for installation. Please confirm that you have read the recommended specification by checking the box below.

9. Support products and additional equipment

  Yes   No  
If yes please specify:

Please ensure that the you have the correct media and support products to complete the install. If unsure please contact Xpres.

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10. Customer Declaration

I certify that the information given is accurate to the best of my knowledge and accept that additional installation costs may be incurred should this checklist contain inaccurate information.