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Stay Prepared: HTV Essentials

Stay Prepared: HTV Essentials

Vinyl usage remains a hugely popular decoration method, whether print businesses are starting out or well established, due its cost effectiveness, versatility and ease of use. Stocking up on essential HTV materials is a great way of staying one step ahead to start the new calendar year.

One of the great things about  HTV  is that there are so many different varieties of colours and finishes - glossy, matte, flock and Special Effects  HTV  to name just a few.  No matter what project you've got, there is a  vinyl  that's perfect for it, working on  cotton, polyester, blends, and  denim.

The possibilities  then  extend beyond the normal wearable fabrics and into  the  home or office.  Some surprising surfaces that are receptive for HTV include canvas,  cork  and non-wearable fabrics. For example, why not try  on  dish towels, placemats, blankets, and even sports balls? The list of possiblities is longer than you think!  

Take a look below at some of the possible uses for HTV.




Superflex is a general purpose textile transfer film that has a mild sticky backing, making intricate designs quick and simple to produce. With a very large colour range this is a textile transfer film that is ideal for multicolour transfer layering. 



Superflex Evolution 


Superflex Evolution takes our best-selling garment film to a new level, allowing application onto various textile compositions at a lower temperature and time. 

The PU transfer film features a new hotmelt adhesive allowing for application onto multiple textile types, including Cotton, Polyester, PolyCotton & Nylon (uncoated). Additionally, this can be achieved at temperatures from 140°C and a time of just 5 seconds, helping to avoid press marks from the heat press. 



Ultra Cut 


Ultra Cut is an excellent product for producing fine detail work as it has an integral sticky backing. 
Ultra Cut is hot release which speeds up the production process for multi colour transfer layering. The opaque white is perfect for football shirts as it eliminates any dye bleed through. 



Ultra Cut Turbo 


Ultra Cut Turbo is a polyurethane transfer film equipped with a special hotmelt for quick application at low temperatures. The transfer film has a soft touch, a matt surface finish and is suitable for multi colour transfer layering (excluding metallic and neon colours).