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Maikuro DTG Printer

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Industrial DTG performance at an affordable price

  • • Outstanding print quality
  • • Low ink consumption
  • • Innovative ink recirculation system
  • • Ricoh-print heads
  • • Low energy consumption
  • • Exceptional long durability
  • • Ready to automate

Print your own success story

You will reach an exceptionally high output with our Maikuro – on dark garments, with a printing format A4 – production mode. Depending on the performance of the operator, material and design.


Pieces per hour* (average)


Pieces per day*


Pieces per week*

104 000

Pieces per year*
(200 working days)

Outstanding print quality

Our DTG printing solutions enable you to offer your clients products in outstanding print quality.


Maikuro – the smallest industrial DTG printer in the whole world

  • • Extremely large print area (max. 40 x 45 cm)
  • • Long and reliable DTG production guaranteed
  • • Make the most of every print job!

"It was important for us to include industrial machines in our offering, which enables us to produce everything from personalised individual items to large orders with consistent print and colour quality"


aeoon printing solutions – tailored to your needs

Recirculating print heads

This system enables continuous ink flow resulting in reducing the risk of jetting failure caused by either clogged nozzles or entrapped are bubbles.

Service and support

Intense training courses and being able to communicate with our dedicated support team for any questions that may arise, so you are always able to get the absolute best out of our innovative DTG systems.

Outstanding print quality

Not only are aeoon machines some of the fastest on the market – another very important aspect of our DTG printing systems is the outstanding print quality which is yet to find a match on the global market.

Ink Channel Configurations

Maikuro – Technical specifications

Print heads: RICOH MH5421F
Printhead Recirculation: Integrated
Print resolution: 600 dpi resolution
Max. Print size: with 2 print stations – 40x45cm; ~16x18in
Operating system: Linux OS
RIP Software: Maikuro RIP Basic Version
Dimension: (LxWxH) 215x166x165cm / ~84x65x65in
Interface: OPC-UA and REST
Weight: 1000kg; 2205lb
Environmental conditions: Temperature 22-24°C;
Humidity 50–80% non-condensing
Electrical Supply: 1x230V+N+PE (1x110V+N+PE)
max. power input: 3kVA
Printable Materials: Cotton, certain mixed fibers

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