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aeoon Technologies

aeoon have made it their business to develop the world’s fastest, most sophisticated and most durable digital textile printers. Since the beginning, their customers have always been the focus of their technological development. All of their printers are manufactured with care, dedication and precision in Austria.

Fastest DTG Printers

Whether photorealistic or delicate filigree motifs, aeoon's DTG printers can reproduce them precisely - and in a phenomenally fast time.

Best service and support.

aeoon provides extensive training in the operation and maintenance of the printers from their team of technicians. In case of questions or problems, their dedicated service team is ready to help with advice and support.


aeoon takes the environment very seriously and takes it as their responibility to set new standards. For this reason, they work as closely as possible with local suppliers, only use GOTS® & ÖkoTex® certified, water-based inks and continuously minimize the energy consumption of their machines.

Developed and produced in Austria

As a modern, innovative technology company, aeoon produce in Austria. They are are very proud of this, because it is an important contribution to the development of the region.

Automation can be integrated

aeoon's DTG printers make it easier than ever to connect to popular e-commerce providers such as Shopify™, Shopware™ and social media markerplaces like Instagram™ and Facebook™.

Everything from one single source

aeoon provide professional solutions in the digital textile printing sector. They provide DTG printers, pretreatment machines, dryers, folding machines and liquids – everything you need for a functioning textile print production.

“It is very important never to stop looking for new solutions and products
that will give our customers a successful daily business.”

Angelo Schiestl, CEO aeoon Technologies


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aeoon Maikuro

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aeoon Compact DTG Printer

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aeoon Kyo DTG Printer

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aeoon Kyo Link DTG Printer

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aeoon Kyo Hybrid DTG Printer

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aeoon PTB Pretreatment

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aeoon Pallets

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aeoon Water-based Inks

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