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10% off the list price of the following selected products:


XP5600C SG400/SG800 Virtuoso Std Capacity Sub Carts

XP5601ECC SG800 Virtuoso A3 only Extended Capacity Sub Carts

XP5127C Sublimation Cartridge SG7100/SG3110 29ml

XP5127HCC High Capacity Sublimation Cartridge SG7100 68ml

XP5605C SG500/SG1000 Virtuoso Std Capacity Sub Carts 31ml

XP5606C SG1000 Virtuoso Std Capacity Sub Carts 70ml

XP5602C SubliJet HD SG VJ628 Std Capacity Sub Carts 220ml

Sublimation Paper

XP4072A A4 Sublimation Paper Pack x 100 sheets

XP4073A A3 Sublimation Paper Pack x 100 sheets

XP5126 True Pix Paper A4 sheets Pack x 100 for Sublimation

XP5125 True Pix Paper A3 sheets Pack x 100 for Sublimation

XP5504 Beaver TexPrint R Mug Sized Sheets 240 x 100mm x 110 sheets

XP5122 True Pix Paper 17"Wide x 100' Roll -Sublimation(4450/4880)

XP5123 True Pix Paper 24"Wide x 100' Roll -Sublimation(7700/7890)

XP5123-8 True Pix Paper 24.8" Wide x 100' Roll -Sublimation

XP5500 Beaver TexPrint xphr (105gsm) 24" wide x 84m

XP5580 Beaver TexPrint A4 110 sheets

XP5518 Beaver TexPrint A3 110 sheets

XP5519 Beaver TexPrint A3+ 110 sheets

XP5512 Subli® Print Light 70gsm 44" x 120m Roll

XP5513 Subli® Print Light 70gsm 63" x 160m Roll

XP5583 Subli® Print Universal 95gsm 44" x 100m Roll

XP5584 Subli® Print Universal 95gsm 64" x 150m Roll

XP5585 Subli® Print Thermo 95gsm 44" x 100m Roll

XP5586 Subli® Print Thermo 95gsm 64" x 150m Roll

XP5587 Subli® Print Heavy 110gsm 24" x 35m Roll - 2" core

XP5520 Subli® Print Heavy 110gsm 24" x 85m Roll

XP5521 Subli® Print Heavy 110gsm 44" x 85m Roll

XP5522 Subli® Print Heavy 110gsm 64" x 120m Roll


XP5494 UniSub Hardboard Place Mat 203 x 262mm

XP5496 UniSub Hardboard Gloss White Jigsaw Puzzle 30 Pieces

XP5497 UniSub Hardboard Gloss White Jigsaw Puzzle 60 Pieces

XP5498 UniSub Hardboard Gloss White Jigsaw Puzzle 96 Pieces

XP4002 UniSub Square Hardboard Textured Coaster 9cm x 9cm

XP4001 UniSub Hardboard Textured Placemat 19cm x 23cm

XP5446 Unisub Square Natural Wood Magnet 5.7cm x 5.7cm (Pack of 25)

XP5447 Unisub Square Natural Wood Key Chain 5.7cm (Pack of 25)

XP5452 Unisub Silver Plated Necklace Chain - 45.7cm (Pack of 5)

XP5451 Unisub Charm Bracelet (Pack of 5)

XP5453 Unisub Bezel Pendant - Various sizes / Styles (Pack of 5)

XP5445 Gloss White Unisub Aluminium Benelux Ornament (Pack of 50)

XP5349A UniSub Aluminium Hexagon Ornament (Pack of 25)

XP5454 Unisub Aluminium Ornament With Red Ribbon

XP5335 UniSub Aluminium Rectangle Key Tag, Rings & Tabs Pack of 50

XP5336 UniSub Aluminium Square Key Tag, Rings & Tabs Pack of 50

XP5415 UniSub Aluminium Star Ornament (Pack of 25)

XP4062JIG UniSub Coaster Production Jig (6) - 9cm Square

XP4042 Unisub FRP Door Hanger - 23cm High (Pack of 25)

XP5442 Unisub Hardboard 23 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle Heart Pack of 10

XP5362 Unisub Hardboard Heart Shaped Coaster - Cork Back Pack of 40

XP5329 UniSub Heart Magnet (FRP) 63.5mm x 57mm (Pack of 50)

XP5327 UniSub Key Hanger With Brass Hooks - 127mm x 279mm

XP5440 Unisub Maple Matte Clear Natural Wood Picture Frame - 4"x 6"

XP5438 Unisub MDF Gloss White Picture Frame - 4x6"/ 100x150mm Photo

XP5443 Unisub Natural Wood Ornament - Round 1-Sided 7cm (Pack of 25)

XP5444 Unisub Natural Wood Ornament Benelux 7cm x 10cm (Pack of 25)

XP5437 Unisub Clipboard Hardboard

XP5499 Unisub Garden Stakes - Aluminium (Pack of 10)

XP4062 UniSub Square Hardboard Coaster 9cm x 9cm

XP4010 UniSub Round Hardboard Coaster 9cm Diameter

XP5360 UniSub Square Hardboard Coaster/Cork Back 95.2mm

XP4063 UniSub Hardboard Place Mat 19cm x 23cm

XP4046 UniSub Hardboard Place Mat 23cm x 32cm

XP4034 UniSub Square Key Ring 58mm x 58mm

XP4035 UniSub Rectangular Key Ring 75mm x 30mm

XP4037 UniSub Square Fridge Magnet 57mm x 57mm

XP3997 UniSub Yard Sign (Pack of 10)

XP3998 UniSub Aluminium Bunting Sign (Pack of 10)

XP3999 UniSub Serving Tray w/ Insert (Pack of 2)

XP4063CB Unisub Cork-Back Hardboard Placemat 19cm x 23cm

XP4046CB Unisub Cork-Back Hardboard Placemat 23cm x 32cm


XP5300R-PK ChromaLuxe Aluminium Photo Panel

XP5300R-TXT ChromaLuxe Rect. Photo Panel Textured Aluminium

XP5318R01-PK ChromaLuxe Wood Photo Panel

XP5411 ChromaLuxe Endura Moisture Absorbing Fabric 150x100cm

XP3207 S/A Foam Bumpers - Pack100

XP3206 Self Adhesive ChromaLuxe Panel Hanging Plates (Pack of 10)

Xpres Blanks

XP5013W Coated Ceramic Mug 80mm Diameter

XP5014 Porcelain Mug 68mm Diameter Premium Coating

XP5025 Enamel Cup with Stainless Silver Rim 12oz

XP5026 Balmoral Bone China Sublimation Mug 8oz (Box of 36)

XP5027 Ceramic Campign Mug with Black Rim 8oz (Box of 36)

XP5039 Marble Sublimation Mug 14oz

XP5041 Colour Inner & Handle Mug 11oz

XP5204 Stainless Steel Mug 300ml w/Red Carabiner Handle 8.8 x 7.5cm

XP5205 Double Walled Tumbler Stainless Steel 9cm x 17cm 16oz

XP5260 Sublimation 14oz Stainless Steel Mug

XP9021 Sublimation Printable Mug Gift Box (Pack of 100)

XP9021W Sublimation Printable Mug Gift Box With window (Pack of 100)

XP5211 Stainless Steel Water Bottle 17oz / 500ml

XP5228 17oz / 500ml Stainless Steel Water Bottles Matt Finish

XP5150 Water Bottle 600ml c/w 2 Cap Styles

XP5151 Water Bottle 400ml c/w 2 Cap Styles

XP5190 Double Wall Stainless Steel Can w/ Straw

XP5209 Sublimation Drawstring Bag - 37cm x 44cm

XP5210 Canvas-style Drawstring Sack - Polyester- 60cm x 73cm

XP5222 Sequin Makeup Bag 16.5 x 20.5cm

XP9091 Tote Bag (41cm x 48.5cm) Pack of 10

XP3104A Fabric Mouse Mat 24cm x 19cm x 6mm Thick

XP4085 0.5mm Pre-Cut Aluminium Sublimation Sheet 20x15cm Pack of 20

XP4083 0.5mm Pre-Cut Aluminium Sublimation Sheet 15x10cm Pack of 20

XP4079 Sublimation Metal Sheet (610x305x0.55mm) GLD/SLR/WTE Only

XP5212 Economy Cushion Filling For cushion cover 40cm x 40cm

XP5208 Cushion Filling For 40x40cm Covers - Flameproof Padding

XP5232 Cushion Cover Premium Linen Look 40x40cm 100% Polyester

XP5207 Cushion Cover - Canvas Effect 100% Polyester - 40cm x 40cm

XP5206 Cushion Cover- Linen Effect 100% Polyester - 40cm x 40cm

XP5231 Cushion Cover Premium Linen Look (Dark) 40x40cm 100% Poly

XP5221 Sequin Cushion Cover 40 x 40cm w/ white reverse

XP5223 Sequin Adhesive Patches 19 x 22cm (Rose Gold 10 x 12cm)

XP5189 Metal Tin Pencil Case w/ Insert

XP5234 Tape Measure w/Insert

XP5233 Metal Wine Bottle Stopper w/Insert - Round

XP5229 Metal Wine Bottle Stopper w/Insert - Square

XP5230 Placemat Linen Effect 100% Polyester 30x40cm

XP5227 PU Passport Holder - Double Sided

XP5226 PU Luggage Tag - Double Sided

XP5225 PU Key Ring - Single Sided Rectangle 4 x 7.5cm

XP5224 PU Key Ring - Single Sided Round 5cm

XP5240 PU Leather Effect Coaster Round

XP5241 PU Leather Effect Coaster Square

XP5242 PU Leather Effect Bar Blade/Bottle Opener

XP5243 PU Leather Effect Key Ring Round

XP5244 PU Leather Effect Key Ring Heart

XP5245 PU Leather Effect Key Ring Rectangle

XP5246 PU Leather Effect Name Badge Rectangle

XP5148 Glass Cutting Board - Wine Bottle Shape - 31.7cm x 11.3cm

XP5149 Glass Cutting Board - Water Droplet Shape - 30.1cm x 24.5cm

XP5146 Glass Cutting Board - Oblong 28.5cm x 39cm

XP5238 Sublimation Face Covering 3 Ply

XP5239 Sublimation Face Covering with Filter Pocket

XP5248 Sublimation Face Covering 2 Ply

XP5205 Double Walled Tumbler Stainless Steel 9cm x 17cm 16oz

XP5260 Sublimation 14oz Stainless Steel Mug

Garment Decoration

XP3019-01 Super Flex Evolution 50cm Wide 1m Roll

XP3019-05 Super Flex Evolution 50cm Wide 5m Roll

XP3019-20 Super Flex Evolution 50cm Wide 20m Roll

XP3000-01 Ultra Cut Turbo 50cm Wide 1m Roll

XP3000-05 Ultra Cut Turbo 50cm Wide 5m Roll

XP3000-25 Ultra Cut Turbo 50cm Wide 25m Roll

XP3124-20 Evolution Print 50cm Wide 20m Roll

XP3085-25 Solvent Dark Turbo 50cm Wide 25m Roll

XP3139 Universal Application Tape 50cm Wide x 25m


XP6006 Heat Tape 9mm Wide x 66m Roll (Pack x 2)

XP2015 Weeder

XP2028 Silicone Sheets Heat Press Protection Paper - A3 Pack of 500

XP2032 Large Silicone Application Sheets - 40cm x 52cm Pack of 500

XP9020P Mug Postage Box

XP9020 Mug Gift Box (Plain) Box x 100


XP521 SubliPlus Kids T-Shirt

XP521V SubliPlus Kids T-Shirt

XP520R Subli Plus T Shirt (with Removable Label)

XP523 Subli Plus Women's Round Neck T Shirt

VAN101 Vanilla Men’s Modern Sublimation T-Shirt - White

VAN401 Vanilla Kids Modern Sublimation T-Shirt

Sign Vinyl

XP2303 Poli-Cut 6000 Gloss Vinyl - 610mm

XP2305 Poli-Cut 6000 Matt Vinyl - 610mm

XP2131 Film Sign Vinyl Application Tape 610mm x 50m Roll

XP2122 Paper Sign Vinyl Application Tape 610mm x 50m Roll

Digital Print Vinyl

XP2317 Mono Digital Vinyl Grey Adhesive - 100mic - 500mm x 25m

XP2315 Poli-Print Mono Clear Digital - 80mic - 500mm x 25m

XP2320 Poli-Print Mono Digital Removable Vinyl - 100mic 500mm x 25m

XP2313 Poli-Print Mono White Digital - 80mic - 500mm x 25m