Colour profiling is a vital component of the large-format printing workflow and we have the expertise to ensure that you have access to the media profiles you need, when you need them. Our profiles can be custom-built to specific requirements

Profiles tell your computer how to adjust an image to match the unique characteristics of your printer and media. Your printer is only as good as the profiles that you use. In order to realise the full potential of our canvas, paper & signage media.

Why You Need a Custom ICC Profile

Custom ICC profiles may be required for many reasons, such as;

  • Higher colour accuracy
  • Achieve a wider colour gamut
  • Achieve a matched colour output across two or more printers
  • Ability to reproduce specific colour output
  • If you cannot find ICC profiles for your particular media
  • Reduce ink bleed on various printable medias and fabrics


What We Cover


Versaworks, RasterLink, Ergosoft, Onyx, Wasatch, Caldera and more


Roland, Mimaki, M-tex, Epson, Mutoh, HP and more


Dye, Solvent, Sublimation and more

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