Protect your Mimaki with Hybrid's Customer Care Plan

Enjoy continued peace of mind after your standard warranty ends with a Customer Care Programme from Hybrid. As the exclusive distributor in the UK and Ireland for Mimaki products, our extended warranty options can cover the ongoing support of your machine, with the same levels of expertise, care and technical know-how that you've come to expect.

“Why should I invest in a Customer Care Package?”

Reliability and Productivity

Nobody likes unbudgeted and unexpected expenses. A Customer Care Package from Hybrid will ensure that your Mimaki continues to provide years of reliable, productive and profitable service whilst allowing you to accurately manage your budget, month after month.

Business Continuity

It's sound practice to protect your investment in any hardworking machine that contributes to the profitability of your business. Hybrid Technical Services can play a vital role in ensuring your company continues to operate in the event of a machine breakdown by responding rapidly to your needs.

Maintain Peak Performance

Supported by Hybrid's team of skilled engineers, your machine will continue to perform to the highest standards and provide optimal reliability and assured productivity.


All warranty products are provided and fulfilled by the manufacturer and not honoured by Xpres directly.
Standard support is still available to all Xpres customers via


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