RolandCare Extended Warranties for Print and Print & Cut devices offer your business the ultimate peace of mind, knowing your machine is being cared for by the people who designed and built your machine.

If you would like to enquire about RolandCare Extended Warranty Cover for your machine, call us on +44 (0)1332 85 50 85 or click enquire below.

All RolandCare Extended Warranties on Print and Print & Cut devices also include the following:

Parts cover

  • All mechanical and electronic components
  • Chassis, covers and fittings
  • Printing heads and ink train (provided that Roland approved inks are used and the machine is maintained as per the user manual and Roland guidelines)
  • Roland external drying units
  • Roland take-up systems

Software cover

  • Roland supplied RIP software
  • Roland supplied ancillary software, including printer/cutter drivers, cutting software and colour profiles

Other cover

  • Telephone, email and web support for software, hardware and Roland consumables
  • Engineer support for hardware
  • Free system upgrades - physical, system and software when available


RolandCare Extended Warranties for Print and Print & Cut devices do not cover the following:

  • Consumable items such as waste bottles, cutting blades, blade holders, cutter protection strips and media
  • Accidentally or maliciously caused physical damage
  • Damage to the system caused by inappropriate use. For printers this includes damage to printing heads or ink supply systems caused by inappropriate ink use
  • Support for non-Roland supplied products
  • Computer virus infections; problems caused by network configurations, including firewall/anti-virus software; environmental and power related issues
  • Damage to equipment caused in transit, if method of transit has not been agreed by Roland DG or an approved logistics company.

* Response time starts when a Roland Technical Support Adviser qualifies an engineer is needed.
** Where available


All warranty products are provided and fulfilled by the manufacturer and not honoured by Xpres directly.
Standard support is still available to all Xpres customers via


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