Father’s Day

Father’s Day is now looming on 16th June. Are you ready to meet the demand?

Almost 80% of UK consumers struggle to come up with gift ideas for their dads and father figures in the lead up to Father’s Day, with many typically opting for practical gifts like food, clothing and grooming accessories. But with 86.3% revealing that their dads would enjoy a more thoughtful, personalised gift, are the days of BBQ sets and beard trimmer gifts becoming a thing of the past? 

There's a shift happening in how people perceive Father's Day gifts. While practical gifts like BBQ sets and grooming accessories have been popular choices, 86% are now recognising the value of more personalised and thoughtful gifts. This shift suggests that people are becoming more attuned to the idea of showing appreciation in ways that resonate on a deeper level with their fathers, rather than simply opting for convenient or traditional gifts. So, how can you provide that personal touch to help you stand out in this market? 

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