How an Industry Titan is Using aeoon Printers


Based in North London, TOT Shirts are one of the UK’s leading T-shirt printing and garment decorators.

Having been founded in 1985, TOT Shirts quickly built a formidable reputation for quality with their diverse customer base which includes music merchandisers, fashion designers, retail brands, sports clubs, corporate clients and the promotions sector.

Whilst a significant proportion of the millions of garments decorated annually by the company at their 75,000 SQ FT facility are screen printed or embroidered, this was further supported some years ago by investment in Direct-to-garment technology and the acquisition of the industrial speed aeoon KYO DTG printer with three platen print stations. 

This variety of technology allows the hugely experienced team at TOT Shirts to decorate a full range of garments and deliver a complete end to end solution; including design, origination, decoration, sourcing, processing, application, finishing and packaging ready for delivery.

Within the busy DTG department, the aeoon KYO quickly became an important tool for the company in being able to supply more detailed, short-run prints with a faster turnaround and without origination or set-up costs. The team keep their KYO in fine fettle and are highly proficient with machine maintenance and cleaning schedules.  It is currently producing up to 1600 high quality prints each day.

Over the years, the machine has been subjected to numerous updates and TOT Shirts subscribe to the theory that like so many finely tuned pieces of engineering, they run at their best when used correctly and often. Indeed, this is one aeoon KYO that does just that with the help of expert care & attention by the Xpres Technical team. 

The engineers from Xpres recently conducted another successful upgrade, ensuring that the KYO continues to deliver optimum performance. This proactive approach to upgrades and scheduled maintenance enables the business to consistently deliver high-quality prints. Jason Frost of TOT Shirts commented “Xpres have an excellent team of engineers and their comms have been first class. So a huge thanks to the team for the efficiency and triage of any issues while delivering these upgrades”

The company's ability to adapt to evolving print technologies while providing exceptional customer service has solidified its reputation as an industry leader. The case of TOT Shirts serves as a prime example of how a commitment to innovation and a reliable partnership with expert technical support from proven suppliers like aeoon and Xpres can lead to sustainable growth and success in the competitive world of textile printing.