Print Without Limits


aeoon Technologies offers high-quality, industrial Direct-To-Garment (DTG) printing solutions that are designed, tested, developed and produced directly in their headquarters in Austria. aeoon machines are extremely flexible, as they are built modularly and offer beautiful printing results at a very fast pace. There is an aeoon printer for almost any size and shape of business – from the smallest machine which has an output of 65 pieces/hour on dark garments, up to the biggest printer, that can print 180 pieces/hour on dark garments. aeoon Technologies offers fantastic support and help you set up your business for success with their experience in DTG printing.

As you know, t-shirts are the most common garment to be printed on. But there is a growing demand for other textiles such as trousers, hoodies, hats, etc. That is why, in order to keep up with customer’s demands, you will need different pallet options. 

aeoon offers the widest range of pallets currently on the market. You can get pallets for hoodies, trousers, sleeves, baby bodies, masks and even compression socks. The Austrian manufacturer also provides customers with frameless pallets, the biggest of which measures at an incredible 200 x 98cm and vacuum pallets. However, as aeoon designs and develops all pallets in their headquarters, they can also customise if need be, so that businesses have exactly what they need to fulfil their customers’ demands. The pallets are built from high-quality metal components and aeoon has recently reduced their weight by 25-30% so they are even easier to use than ever before.

The design possibilities you have with aeoon’s pallets are incredible. You are able to print on almost any type of garment, on different positions. Of course, you can also print on different materials such as cotton, polyester, denim, mixed fibres, silk and even leather.