Ready for a Spooktacular Halloween?



Whether people don a scary outfit, buy sweets for trick-or-treaters or perhaps even trick-or-treat themselves, there’s no escaping Halloween as October draws ever closer. So, how can you make a killing?


Originally an ancient Celtic festival to celebrate the souls of those who had died that year journeying to the underworld, Halloween has now become a huge commercial event. This started over in the US but in recent years has been gaining traction in the UK too.



Traditions, such as wearing costumes, trick-or-treating and carving out pumpkins, have led to large amounts of consumer spending. This spending has been increasing annually and is expected to total £777 million this year, according to Statista.



With the popularity of Halloween growing every year, now is the perfect time to create an array of spooky gifts to delight your customers. Particularly, it could pay dividends to increase your online offering to include creative products that appeal to parents and millennials alike.


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