What is Automation?


Let’s agree on one thing to begin with. Automation is not automated if you have to personally handle an order in any way before releasing it into production. In a truly automated system, new orders flow into the system from various sites 24 hours a day. If you are “working an order” before releasing it to production then you are not automated. You might be highly organised, but not automated.

In a market that is struggling to maintain reasonable profit margins and defend itself from cut-throat competition and declining sales, DTG printing stands out as uniquely capable of creating huge gross profits while at the same time experiencing phenomenal sales growth. Automated production processes are driving this change in the market.

Demand drives creativity, significant demand drives the kind of creativity necessary to transform an industry and we are experiencing this kind of demand today in the decoration industry. Highly flexible Print-On-Demand (POD) decorated products include all kinds of things. Some are obvious – T-shirts, hoodies, pants, and hats. Some not so obvious because they are not thought of as typical POD products – custom printed towels, custom printed dog collars, customised Christmas ornaments, custom printed laptop covers and custom printed neck ties. It is fair to say that POD has expanded far beyond typical garment applications.

aeoon Technologies offers high-quality, industrial Direct-To-Garment (DTG) printing solutions that are designed, tested, developed and produced directly in their headquarters in Austria. aeoon machines are extremely flexible, as they are built modularly and offer beautiful printing results at a very fast pace. With seamless integration with your web shop, true DTG automation is possible with aeoon!