Xpres DTF Evolution is Here!


Perfect for stocking up or getting started with DTF, the new Xpres DTF Evolution Film and Adhesive Powder take our DTF solution to the next level!


Featuring a double-sided matt finish coating combined with a thicker 95mic film for optimum handling, Xpres DTF Evolution Hot Peel Roll and Sheets provide feed & printing stability. Equipped with a smooth print surface that allows for higher ink loads, the film helps achieve vibrant colours without losing image clarity. Transfers can be peeled either hot or cold and don’t require a second press. Available in a wide range of sheet sizes & roll widths to suit most desktop and roll to roll printers.


Xpres DTF Evolution Adhesive Hotmelt Powder is our first premium hotmelt powder for use with hot & cold peel films. It grants customers a reduced melting time & temperature (will vary depending on artwork, ink load & curing solution), while helping to deliver soft and flexible transfers. It provides excellent washing performance with improved colour & print longevity, alongside increased resistance against abrasion. The particle size is 80-170 µm and is suitable for most applications.