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Pocket & Cap Presses

Xpres have a selection of heat presses designed for personalising headwear and garments. Decorate caps, sleeves, pockets and bags with your favourite phrases and artwork using our state of the art equipment.

Our pocket and cap presses comprise several beneficial features, including sensitive and consistent heat control, fingertip pressure control and adjustable platens, respectively. Read more to find the perfect heat press for your business or shop the Adkins and Sefa ranges now.

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Adkins BETA Cap Press

Designed for the application of transfers to all types of headwear, the Beta Cap features our renowned Digital Controller for the accurate pre-selection of both time and temperature.
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Adkins BETA Pocket/Cap Press Combo

The Pocket/Cap Press allows you to easily apply transfers to caps, pockets, sleeves and bags.
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Adkins STUDIO Cap Press

The Studio Cap Press enables you to press transfers on the curved surface of a cap.
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Adkins STUDIO Pocket/Cap Press Combo

The Pocket/Cap Press allows you to easily apply transfers to caps, pockets, sleeves and bags. Comes complete with cap and pocket heads and platens.
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Sefa Clam Ball Press

Apply transfer vinyl and printed media onto balls of all shapes and sizes with this versatile heat press.
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Sefa Clam Cap Press

SEFA Clam Cap Press Measurements Cap Plate Dimensions - 17x8cm Power - 600w Weight - 23kg
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Sefa V3 Clam Ball-Logo-Cap Press

The Sefa Clam Sport is a perfect heat press for balls, caps, logos and shoes.
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Xpres HPD Auto Cap/Pocket Combi Press

This economy cap/pocket combo HPD heat press machine is versatile and perfect for “start-up businesses”. It can be used for cap printing and pocket printing.
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