Roland EJ Ink 1 Litre Cartridge For Bulk Feed System

Brand: Roland

Roland EJ Ink 1 Litre Cartridge for Bulk Feed System to suit Roland EJ-640.

Economical Roland EJ Inks

Specially formulated quick-drying EJ inks produce bold, exciting colours and offer low consumption and low running costs. The inks also provide unmatched long-term outdoor durability, scratch and chemical resistance, broad media support and a wide spectrum of colour. Available in 1 litre cartridges, to run without frequent cartridge changes, and in 4- or 7-colours, including Light Black. Choose dual CMYK or CMYKLcLmLk configuration for fine details and smooth gradations.

Please ensure this is the correct ink for your printer as we cannot refund or exchange ink that has been opened.

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