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Transfer Printing

How To Use HTV

Transfer printing involves printing your designs onto a special, transferrable vinyl material. It can be used for both light and dark coloured garments. Here's our guide to using heat transfer vinyl (HTV)...
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How To Use Printable Vinyl

A common assumption with transfer printing is that designs can end up looking cheap. However, if you use high quality materials, such as those we provide, this is not an issue. Here's a handy guide to using our printable vinyl...
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How To Use Laser Transfer Paper

Laser printers use an electrical charge, attracting toner particles to a transfer roller. These are then pressed onto a piece of paper, while heat and pressure from the fuser unit permanently fix the image onto the page. This method differs slightly for light and dark garments. Take a look at our guide to laser transfer printing on dark garments below. For other use cases, simply contact us on 01332 85 50 85 or email [email protected] for advice.
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What is Transfer Printing?

Transfer printing is a term that describes any technique that begins on a non-textile surface before being transferred onto the fabric.

The process involves printing your designs onto a special, transferrable vinyl material. It can be used for both light and dark coloured garments. The material used for darker garments is slightly thicker compared to light. The material used when printing onto white garments is transparent and therefore uses the white of the garment to make the colours stand out, while the base vinyl for coloured garments is white and so the colours are printed used a CMYK process on top of the white substrate.

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Why Transfer Print?

  • Ideal for smaller garment runs featuring the same design
  • High-quality printing replication
  • Full-colour designs
  • Fast process, perfect for same day and next day delivery services
  • No set up charges
  • Easy storage when designs are printed on paper
  • Cost-effective for small quantity orders
  • Shorter production time than DTG (when orders are up to 250)
  • No need for high skill and has low reject rates.
  • Certain effects and textures are only available by transfer
  • Inexpensive equipment
  • Low storage costs

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Transfer Printing FAQs


 1. Will my design look low quality using vinyl?

A common assumption with vinyl is that they end up looking cheap. However, if you use high quality materials, such as those we provide, this is not an issue.


2. Will the vinyl crack or fade?

Your garments should last a good amount of time without the design fading or cracking. We provide high-quality vinyls and paper to prolong durability.


3. Can I use dark and light garments for transfer printing?

Yes this method is fine for either. The key thing to remember with dark colours is that the garments will feel thicker than the white ones whereas the fabric that is going to be used for whiter garments is going to be thinner since it is transparent.


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