ChromaLuxe EXT Aluminium Metal Print Extended Outdoor Life

ChromaLuxe Aluminium EXT is specifically designed for outdoor applications. The UV resistant coating has an external lifespan of up to 3 years with Epson, Sawgrass & Roland inks.

ChromaLuxe Aluminium EXT is lightweight making it a perfect print medium for a range of outdoor applications such as commercial signage and graphics.

It is extremely durable and key properties include Fade, Chemical, Moisture, Abrasion and Flame resistance. It is also resistant to graffiti and permanent markers.

Outdoor longevity is achieved thanks to a hard wearing coating allowing signage based prints to last up to 3 years with Epson UltraChrome DS inks, Sawgrass SubliJet-HD inks and Roland Texart SBL3 inks.

The Aluminium has excellent green credentials as it is manufactured from post-consumer recycled materials and is 100% recyclable at the end of life.

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ChromaLuxe Aluminium is also free from lead, heavy metals and phthalates, nor does it contain or release any SVHC’s when sublimated.


The proprietary coating is resistant to all forms of chemicals, bacteria and contaminants, making it safe to use in clean environments.


Unlike direct printing, such as UV inks onto Dibond, Sublimation printing infuses the ink into the substrates coating.


Being infused into the coating, the image remains un-affected by fingerprints, humidity, cleaning products and scratches.


ChromaLuxe Aluminium sheets are recommended for processing prior to printing and can be cut to size using a number of methods including CNC routers, panel saws and guillotines.


Available Gloss White sized 1200mm x 2400mm


ChromaLuxe & UniSub Sheetstock requires specialist chargeable pallets or boxes created for the safe delivery of the goods.


Maximum 125mm stock height per pallet (e.g – 3.17mm Hardboard x 39 sheets = 124mm) Palletised deliveries are chargeable as per our Delivery Information.



1245 x 2464mm
EXT Gloss
Print Area
1245 x 2464mm
Printable Sides
Quantity Per Pack
Recommended Pressing Pressure
Recommended Pressing Temperature
Recommended Pressing Time
150-270 seconds