Xpres HPD Swing Away Press 40 x 50cm

Brand: Xpres

This swing head action HPD heat press is perfect for t-shirt printing and creating a variety of designs onto t-shirts, polo shirts, school wear, bags, mouse mats and so much more!

It features a digital controller for regulating the time and temperature that also displays a pressure reading via a pressure sensor. This allows the operator to achieve consistent and repeatable results with a wide range of applications.

Precise pressure is achieved using it’s very simple and easy to use pressure adjustment handle.

The 40 cm x 50 cm heat plate is Teflon™ coated and provides even heat distribution – vital for a perfect print!

The swing away head operation allows for easy loading of bulky items that lessen the risk of burns to the operator, as the heat plate is out-of-the-way whilst loading.

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