LV-290 Bofa LV-290 & Air Compressor DP-90V Bundle

Save £3,909 ex VAT on the Roland LV-290 Laser Engraver, Bofa Air Filtration System and Air Compressor DP-90V with this fantastic bundle!

Roland’s LV laser engraving machines add so much choice and product diversity. The LV-290 is the perfect partner for our customers, whether they are launching a new personalisation business, want to add value to existing product lines, or are a manufacturer looking to increase efficiency by bringing production in-house.

High Precision Cutting & Engraving Quality  

  • The LV series uses a non-contact CO2 laser to engrave complex shapes and text with crisp edges at high speed without creating cutting debris 
  • The LV-290  is equipped with a CCD camera that helps position the material to accurately contour cut UV-printed graphics. 
  • Metal-sealed CO2 laser tube 

Easy to use

  • Auto-focus pin
  • Laser pointer
  • Air compressor is activated automatically only when required
  • Simple & intuitive operation panel
  • Output data can be saved to the LV series so you can output the same processing data multiple times without returning to the Windows driver 
  • Windows driver for assisting engraving & cut operation 

Safe design 
Easy maintenance & Roland Care 

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