Mimaki CG-75FXIIPlus Vinyl Cutter and Stand

Brand: Mimaki

This 75cm wide Mimaki cutting plotter provides a practical and cost effective solution for every sign and graphics need.

Acceptable sheet width: 9–104cm

Effective cutting area (1): 76mm x 51m

Max. speed (2): 140cm/s

Max. cutting speed: 100cm/s

Repeatability: ± 0.2 mm (excluding shrinkage / expansion caused by film temperature)

Guaranteed range of accuracy (3): 760mm x 10m

Max. pressure:400g

Acceptable sheet (4): Vinyl up to 0.25 mm thickness, fluorescent type vinyl, reflective sheet

Applicable tools (5): Cutter, water-based ball-point pen, oil-based ball-point pen. Also pouncing tool for CG-SRII and CG-FXII series.

Interface: USB, RS-232C

Power consumption: AC100V-240V, 130VA or less

Dimensions (WxDxH): 1285 x 700 x 1217mm

Weight: 50kg

For further details of the Mimaki CG-75FXII download the below PDF brochure.

1. Max. sheet feeding length differs depending on the software
2. Max. moving speed at 45o direction with pen up
3. Depending on the specified film and cutting conditions
4. Provided that the blade specific for fluorescent type vinyl or for reflective sheet are used
5. The goods on the market are 8 – 9 mm pen. No guarantee on accuracy

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